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Francis of Assisi
An Illustrated History of His Life and Legacy

This magnificent volume brings readers close to St. Francis of Assisi, the Franciscan community he founded, and the artistic revolution of Giotto, the great fourteenth-century Italian painter whose frescoes of Francis are now UNESCO World Heritage treasures. Francis, the Franciscans, Giotto, and Assisi itself are so thoroughly intertwined that understanding each alongside the others is essential for a full appreciation of this significant period. 

Francis of Assisi: An Illustrated History of His Life and Legacy is an engaging fusion of history and art book. It details the history of the Franciscans, beginning with a biography of the saint himself, the development and spread of the Order and its influence on the Church and medieval Europe; and an analysis of the Giotto’s frescos of the life of Francis in Assisi, Florence, and elsewhere. This book is beautifully illustrated with color reproductions of images of Assisi, early portraits of Francis, and the Giotto frescos.

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ISBN: 978-08091-0660-8

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