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Tell the Prisoners I Pray for Them
Meditations in English and Spanish

Pope Francis has a special place in his heart for men and women in prison.   He was a frequent visitor to prisoners when he lived in Argentina, a practice he continues as pope.  He continues to make phone calls to people imprisoned in Argentina, and he finds time to read and reply to letters written to him from prisoners all over the world. Wherever he travels, Pope Francis makes sure to visit people in prison.  After his visits Pope Francis thinks: “Why is he there and I am not, seeing that we share the same weaknesses?  This is a mystery that makes me pray and makes me draw close to inmates.”

This is a little book of the thoughts Pope Francis has shared with women and men in prison, and that he wants to share with you, so you have hope and courage. 

ISBN: 978-08091-5346-6

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